“Let there be light… and Girls on Film launched as a new weekly Saturday night party” – God, on creating the earth.

Who are we to defy the words of our almighty creator? The Deaf Institute invites you to the Girls on Film re-launch party on Saturday 12th September. Expect glitter cannons, balloons, face painters and enough cake to make Bruce Bogtrotter feel sick! We’ve got Disco Mums in the main bar and Girls on Film’s queen bee, XFM’s Hattie Pearson, bringing the vibe in the music hall.

“First God created the 80s, then he created Girls on Film to live it every weekend”– Genesis 1.

On the command of our holy maker, block off your Saturdays because Manchester’s biggest 80s club night is going weekly. Cooler than Madonna in Reebok Pumps and more glam than an Elton John dinner party, you’re never more than 6 days away from shoulder pads and dapper lads.

“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. Take the man to Girls on Film and he’ll get free entry before 11.30pm, cake and babycham on arrival. Who needs fish?”

Wise words. On it like Donkey Kong.

Grab a FREE TICKET to our launch party HERE