Petrol girls embody what it means to be one of best current punk bands of our time. Making pissed off, aggressive tunes and preaching about issues such as immigration, sexual violence and women rights.

The have been using there voices since they formed in 2012 marrying there hard hitting lyrics with fast paced, chaotic punk music. Now they are on their Third album they haven’t closed down and in fact come back with their strongest work yet. 

On the LP is ‘Baby, I had and Abortion’ demonstrating their approach to politics and raising awareness on current issues. Then ‘Violent by Design’ hits hard with the lyric ‘ACAB, They don’t protect me’ again being fierce and focused on current issues and not being scared of preaching their views.

The Album Baby is further proof that Petrol Girls are one of contemporary punk’s finest bands. Why not join the riot with us on the 7th October?

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