With the increase of spiking incidents in the UK The Deaf Institute will be introducing and increasing the following measures thought the venue.

1. We have ordered drink covers which will be available at request from the bar, whilst we wait for these to arrive we will happily cover your drink with cling film.
2. We will purchase rapid test kits to detect spiked drinks. If you fear your drink may have been spiked we will soon be able to check this for you.
3. Everyone to be fully searched on entry including the use of a metal detector
4. Our CCTV has been upgraded to 4K quality with no blind spots within the venue.
5. We will be increasing visibility of drink spiking awareness with information posters
6. Our staff will undertake Good Night Out training to continue keeping you safe for the duration of your visit.

If you believe your drink has been tampered with or If you feel unwell, tell your friends or a member of staff.
If your friend becomes unwell, do not leave them alone, ask someone to find a security officer or member of staff.
Notify staff if you see any behaviour from a member of the public that raises your suspicions.
Check out these great resources at DrinkAware

We are remaining extra vigilant and have got your back on this x