50% off all scran Monday – Friday has to sadly come to an end. You still have until the 7th February to stuff ya face so QUICK Book a table with us and lets get scranning.

Here’s some of our plant powered scran we have on our main menu!

BBQ Jackfruit dog

Who doesn’t love a dirty dog… Our Home made seitan sausage is topped with BBQ Jackfruit, Jalapenos, chillies and chipotle mayo! Perfect meal for if your tummy is rumbling and you love food with a bit of a hot spicy kick to it.


Vegan ‘Fish’ and Chips

This one is perfect for your Friday chippy tea cravings!

Made with banana blossom you’ll hardly tell the difference with this plant powered dish.

Cauli wings!

Perfect plant powered snack to go with a proper good pint!

Our Cauli wings are in sriracha and lime batter and a staff favourite!


Why not pop in and try the scran for half price? Book a table with us here!