The band have gained a reputation for delivering blistering, high-energy live shows. Indeed, their first tour sold out before even releasing their first single, such is the buzz around their live performances.

They’re a high octane melange of grunge, hard rock, pop hooks and shoegaze and received support from Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy and Q magazine. Now they are ready to headline under our disco ball and its not a show to be missed

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Instantly recognisable in his infectiously fun style, Window Kid is the new big boy on the UK MC scene. Rising up the ranks through years of grime and dubstep, he now stands tall amongst his Crucast pals like Darkzy and Bru C, the latter in who he forms a troublesome double act with. Since the huge success of the duo’s ‘BITS’, this is a collaboration and friendship sure to blossom even further.

The past year has seen him touring relentlessly, making him not only a well known and well loved voice, but also one of the liveliest personalities in the scene. His class clown attitude does not overshadow his talent and potential however, as he continues to take over the scene one bar at a time.

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Fizzy Blood are a band born from ambition, determination and resilience. Based in Leeds, UK, their refreshing musical bravery has seen them shed any traces of the generic with their own brand of retro-inspired rock.

The five piece’s primary outing “FEAST” commences with an assured swagger, attributed to deadpan vocals, a Slippery guitar twang and a strutting rhythm section. The Bands live shows are akin to shaking up a bottle of cola and plunging in a tube of Mentos. Before you can blink, Fizzy Blood’s effervescent rock ‘n’ roll froths with an rampant urgency, where those deadpan vocals have transformed into a guttural howl and the Homme/Fallon bromance has turned ugly.

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If you love feel-good music with substance, you love SAINT PHNX. Composed of brothers Stevie and Alan Jukes, the indie pop duo is huge on family, which drives their passion and love for connection. Describing themselves as “two fun loving brothers, here to make you smile,” they state, “We’re willing to make music that makes you feel good, that’s the whole goal.”

Having grinded and created music as a duo since 2016, the Glasgow, Scotland-based musicians have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, far beyond just the music. On top of their undeniably anthemic records, it’s their sense of humor and personalities that result in contagious good energy and laughter for their growing fanbase.

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