We are reminiscing over our favourite past shows one of which was from the Scottish quartet We were promised jet packs. Taking to our stage in 2014 and then again in last year  under our iconic disco ball they deliver a memorable set with building post-rock songs full of delay heavy guitars and that classic quiet to loud dynamic.

We cant believe it was five years ago they graced our stage for the first time! At the show they played new materials which went down a storm with a fantastic reception from there passionate fan base. Now they will be taking to our sister site Gorilla to celebrate 10 years since the release of their debut album, ‘These Four Walls’. Oh how time flys by! One of our favourite thing being apart of a music venue is seeing how bands grown and develop, We where promised jet packs are one of the special bands which have stuck with us, that special we are over the moon for them to play our big sister site.

Grab your tickets for the show now here!