Live music made a come back this year and we wanted to look back on some of our favourite acts to have taken to our stage in 2021.

With live music just making a comeback FEET were one of the first bands to take to our stage after over a year of restrictions on live music and they didn’t hold back! Stage dives and audience crowd surfing signalled our customers were excited about being back at gigs in the pit!
We have booked them back in for over at our bigger sister site Gorilla on 25th Feb 2022!

As well as live music making a comeback this year so did Little Boots and she mesmerised us with her dreamy performance under our disco ball.
Head to toe in a glittery gown she shimmered across the stage to the beat of her own tunes. Watch out this year as she’s joining The ABBA Voyage preforming with the legends live.

Despite being support band of The Ninth Wave, Priestgate certainly grabbed our attention! Quoting our in-house photographer Sinead that the singer resembled ‘Iggy Pops finest son’ and that they where the closest thing she’ll ever get to seeing the Stooges. Now if thats not a massive compliment we don’t know what is! Keep your eyes peeled for these guys as they’re about to take over in 2022.

One of our last gigs of 2021 Zuzu won the hearts of all of us over at Deaf Institute. Taking to the stage in front of a packed crowd, we were all struck by Zuzu’s unique and powerful sounding vocals coupled with her punchy stage presence.

Now lets roll on 2022 and bring on the amazing acts to take to our stage!


All image by Sinead Ferguson