As we are getting in to summer we will be closing most Mondays.Tuesday and Wednesday due to us having a little summer break however don’t fear as we will be still open Thursdays – Sundays for our most important day of scran SUNDAY VEGAN HANGOVER! 

God bless that cruelty free scran you just want to shove ya face in! This week on the menu expect to see…

Vegan Roast with all the trimmings 


If you don’t serve up a roast is it even Sunday?

We have made a few new changes to our vegan roast with the option to now get it with our seitan beef! Got to love a good bit of fake beef ey! If you’re not about getting beefy don’t you worry as we still have our lentil, sage and sweet potato roast. Don’t forgot all roasts come with VEGAN YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS!


Buttermilk Tofu Burger 



We love a big bun full of tofu goodness and this is really a BIG bun!

Served up with our fries perfect for those Sunday hangovers!


Sharer board with vegan cheeze! 



Yes you heard right! VEGAN CHEEZE!

For all you guys wanting a sophisticated sunday funday we are popping out a sharer full of bread, olives and vegan cheese to nibble away at. Why not pair it with a nice bottle of wine? Treat yourself, it is the weekend after all!


Pop on buy this Sunday and remember to book a table with us here!