Bollox, The big fat daddy of Manchester’s Queer Alt scene, has spawned many of the city’s most infamous parties, exotic drag characters and outsider communities.
In a gentrified Britain, it’s easy to become tired of the Homogenized music pouring from the doors of Canal Streets finest watering holes. What’s a gay to do when you turn up at a promised alternative night only to find it’s yet another Xerox of everywhere else, just with different haircuts?
We say, BOLLOX to them!
Operating on a no rules music policy, Bollox is here to take you by the hand and lead you up the garden path to LGBTQ+ utopia!

Big butch bear? Media lesbian? Floppy fringed emo gay?  Rubber Rita?  or Sandra from accounts?, all are welcome to join the masses defecting from the clutches of the Canal Street Mafia to submerse in a world where Joy Division co-exists with Donna Summer and Kylie lives peacefully with Nirvana.

Over the past decade Bollox has hosted a plethora of weird and wonderful queer talent with many a fierce tale to be told (some not for the faint hearted).

Here’s a look back at our top 5 fav moments…


A memorable moment in the Bollox bible was the introduction of the dance floor protest signs. Taking something so often associated with hate and reclaiming it as a tool to promote empowering messages in a humorous and tongue in cheek way perfectly encompasses the Bollox ethos!

‘PAT BUTCHER MADE ME GAY’  – said everyone, always! 



In the early hours of one sweaty morning, a sold out Bollox was in full swing. Rife with like minded queers, inbetweeners & party goers.

Following their set a nearby venue, The Gossip’s leader and all round queen, lady Beth Ditto strolls over to join in the fun. Unknowingly, a member of security turns her away, saying ‘I don’t care who you are you’re not coming in’!

Although we appreciate the bouncer’s passion for his job… next time, LET BETH DITTO IN!

Beth… we didn’t mean it! We still love you!



It wouldn’t be Bollox without it’s band of eccentric hosts controlling the main room mic.

One dirty evening, dressed in no more than a thong, Beau Blonde launches herself into the crowd face first! Crowd surfing from one corner of the dancefloor to the other, paying homage to the mid 90’s queer punk parties that sparked the LGBTQ+  counterculture that continues to thrive today.



With body positivity a massive part of what Bollox stands for, you can guarantee to be looking out into a dysfunctional sea of boobs, bums & bits. As the night gets later, the clothes come off and you’re welcomed onto the stage to shake your booty to everything from LCD Soundsystem to Die Antwoord.



As the clock strikes midnight of New years Eve 2018, The Deaf Institute dungeon is transformed into stinking orgy of sound, sight & smell. Controlled by the kinky sexecutionist ready to lock you in stocks and spank you into 2019.


If you’re ready to venture into the f****d up world of Bollox, join us Saturday 20th July for a 6-hour brain melting riot of noise, colour and glitter covering all 3 floors of The Deaf Institute.

Something wicked this way comes!

Tickets on sale now HERE.