Last year, Swedish Pop super troopers Abba announced the release of 2 new songs – 35 years off their last foray in the studio; something Abba fanatics (us included) never thought would happen!

Hailing from the land of Ice and snow, It’s clear from their extensive discography and the 2 blockbuster movies using their music, that the Ab-pandemic is way off subsiding! Who are we to deny the fans what they want?!

Ahead of our resident Abba dedicated club night Gimme Gimme Gimme! Abba After Midnight we delve deep into the hits, heartbreaks & tear jerkers that we know and love, to bring you our top 10 favourites…

“here we go again…”


  1. Slipping Through My Fingers

Released on the band’s final and by far moodiest album, this heart tendering melody perfectly describes a parents thoughts about how fast their daughter is growing up. Causing mother’s everywhere to sob!



2. Chiquitita 

A sentimental statement of devotion to a troubled friend. You can’t deny you’ve never drunkenly closed-eye mimed this to a close gal pal?!

“Chiquitita, tell me whats wrong?”



3. The Winner Takes It All 

Writing about divorce is one thing; asking your ex-wife to sing it is quite another.

This pain-stricken story of Pop balladry came soon after the divorce between band members Björn & Agnetha. They say it’s a story of fiction, we like to think otherwise – Cry cry!



4. Take A Chance On Me 

With a spooky acapella entrance, this single was set to be a winner from the very beginning.



5. Lay All Your Love On Me 

Don’t go wasting your emotions on any other tracks! You can’t deny when the first chorus hits your heart fills with a confusing mixture of love, dread & heartbreak.



6. S.O.S 

A melodic explosion of synth ephoria and a vital track in forging Abba’s musical identity.



7. Mama Mia 

Not just the song that lent it’s self to the musical, it’s a gem in the bands discography. A true Abba classic!



8. Voulez-vous

Who knew a song that filled every verse break with the word ‘Aha’ could be so great – Aha!


9. Money Money Money 

A comical tale of what life would be like if we just had a little money – preaching to the choir over here!



10. Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) 

Finally, this glitterball prayer for passion and libidinous floor filler hits number 10. Who doesn’t want a man after midnight?


if you’re about ready for 5 glorious hours of Abba wizadry, join us this Friday in the music hall for Gimme Gimme Gimme! (Abba After Midnight) from 11PM.

Tickets on sale HERE.