Hello Julia, how are you? You released your dreamy debut solo single this year entitled ‘Desire’ can you tell me a little bit about how this single came about?

Hey, I’m good thanks!

Desire was born during a period of my life where I was unhappy. I felt like nothing was happening because I wasn’t doing anything I wanted to do.

I am from Italy and I wasn’t happy about how things were going there so I moved to the UK, almost 3 years ago. I was passively living my life so I started writing by myself and this is the first song I have ever written in my life as Julia Bardo. I learnt how to play guitar only 2 or 3 years ago, I thought myself it so I’ve never been that confident to write by myself before but I felt like I had to do it, so it naturally came out, Desire is the product of these feelings.

‘Desire’ has a slightly contrasting sound to your work in the Working Men’s Club. To me it sounds more influenced by 60’s groups such as The Byrds or Brian Jonestown Massacre and Melody’s Echo Chamber for example. While you were writing Julia Bardo material, did you feel like these songs were too different to release in the band? Did this help prompt your solo career?

I’d say it’s completely different from Working Men’s Club. We have almost the same taste in music but we have different songwriting styles, I write in a different way from Syd and Jake.

I started to write by myself just a little bit before I met the band and I’ve always had the urge to write by myself, to express myself completely in my own space and time.

I don’t want to tie myself to the 60s. I listen to music from the 60s as well as 70s, 80s, 90s  (I love Destiny’s Child) and new music too but I don’t want to be the copy of that. I want to sound like myself as much as possible.

My music, sounds and ideas are always changing. When something changes inside myself, my music changes too. I prefer the word “evolve” instead of change. I grow up, I evolve and I mature at my own pace. I’ve started writing quite late and through my music I can tell in which period of my life I was and the way I felt, I write in phases.

Oh i love the concept of your music evolving! such a wonderful way to put it, also who doesn’t love Destiny’s Child! So Where else have you performed? What has been your favourite Julia Bardo show so far?  

It’s very difficult to decide which one was my favorite show so far because every show is very different and special in its own way.  I can only say that playing in Brighton during The Great Escape has been amazing because I love that city.

Brighton is a beautiful city! Also what a great festival to play! What are the main themes or topics in Julia Bardo’s songs? What do you like to write about?

Feelings, love, sadness, division, connection, people around me.

Can you recommend any new Manchester based artists you like? 

I like Blanketman!

Oh lovely, we’ll make sure to check them out! Do you have any upcoming shows? What is the plan for this year/ next?

I am going to play at Neighborhood Festival in October with a full band.

Can’t wait to hear you with a full band at Neighborhood! Thanks so much for interview, looking forward for the set at Stay Fresh! 

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