We love a good cocktail here at The Deaf Institute. But did you know, as well as our daily cocktail menu and our monthly specials board we also have a secret menu?  We serve you up an abundance of classic cocktails off menu! Now you know our secret lets have a look at some of the cocktails you could be sipping on.



Long island ice tea

Do you like tequila? Do you like Vodka? Do you like gin? do you like triple sec? Do you like rum? Well might as well mix them all together for this power house of a cocktail which will get you in the mood to party in no time!




You can go wrong with a bit of gin can you? we love to serve up this classic cocktail especially now the sun is coming our to play.



Yes we can be fancy! A manhattan is for you whiskey lovers who want to be a bit sassy with the way it’s served



We can serve up Brazils national drink the camparini! perfect summer time drinking!



And we have so many more! Why not pop in to the bar and ask whats on our secret menu? Book a table with us here