27th February 2020 - 7:00 pm
The Deaf Institute

After the tragic death of our beloved hero Chester Bennington we put the word out to various bands and musicians in the UK scene that we wanted to form a tribute act in memory of him and to honour the sound of a generation. 

The response was so immense and everyone that wanted to be a part was so talented in their own way we couldn’t decide on a 6 member line-up. Thus the L1nkn_P4rk collective was born from the likes many different UK bands such as Mordrake, Drip Fed Empire &. So that everyone that wanted to pay their respects could take part. 

We toured the UK last July/August working closely with various mental health and suicide prevention charities such as Mind & The Samaritans to help raise money and awareness with the hope of making a difference through doing what we love. Since then we condensed the line-up further and now tour as an 8 piece though still bigger than the original Linkin Park 6 piece we continue to bring the album tracks to life in a way never before heard. 

We are now on tour again and hitting up Manchester for the first time! We’ll be raising money and awareness for our official sponsor Help Musicians Uk. To find out more about what they do follow this link. ⤵️⤵️⤵️ https://www.helpmusicians.org.uk/


The Deaf Institute 135 Grosvenor St
Manchester M1 7HE