Jesse Jo Stark
28th August 2023 - 7:00 pm
The Deaf Institute

An LA native with a lifelong immersion in rock ‘n’ roll, Jesse Jo Stark’s story seeps
through her music—a heady, stylized mix of earthy Americana and Hollywood allure. The
music is timeless with unmissable nods to 70s rock, classic country, and ethereal pop,
while heavy strokes of sex and kitsch add a playfulness to the workmanship of her
songwriting. In 2014, she worked with former Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones, to
record her debut EP, Down Your Drain. Stark reappeared in 2017 with a new single, the
moody, Mazzy Star-esque “Driftwood.” She then released her second EP, Dandelion,
and went on to tour both the US and internationally supporting acts such as Guns &
Roses, The Vaccines, Sunflower Bean, The Heavy, and more. The full-length debut from
Jesse Jo Stark, DOOMED, is a high-drama movie in the form of an album, the kind of
immediate cult classic that inspires unending infatuation. Over the course of 11 elegantly
feverish tracks, the Los Angeles-based artist conjures up an atmosphere informed by her
intense fascination with the more macabre edge of the pop culture underground: Elvira,
The Cramps, late-‘80s horror movies. With its in-depth exploration of desire and
surrender and newfound self-possession, DOOMED ultimately blurs the edges of truth
and fantasy to build a gorgeously warped world wholly defined by Starks own dream


The Deaf Institute 135 Grosvenor St
Manchester M1 7HE