Hip Hop Horn Section + the Beast Decoys
18th October 2019 - 11:00 pm
The Deaf Institute

4 horns, 3 MCs and one DJ. 

Hip Hop Horn Section is a new brass band who collaborate with a DJ to bring to life your favourite old skool classic bangers accompanied by their fresh French horns. 
As if that wasn’t fun enough, they welcome to the stage non other than Europes Number 1 Beastie Boys Tribute Band … “Beast Decoys’’.  Coinciding with the 25th Anniversary of the Beasties’ seminal second album ‘Paul’s Boutique’ they will be treating us to an amazing live performance of your favourite Beastie Boys anthems.

The Beast Decoys have over 20 years performance experience within the hip hop scene and all three MCs are established recording artists in their own right. DJ Scott Rogan provides the platform for the performance and is a turntable veteran and Hip Hop purist; his knowledge has been key to keeping the beats on point and his attention to detail is the backbone to Beast Decoys’ stage show. 

The Beastie Boys are without doubt one of the most inspirational hip hop acts of all time, and it’s the Beast Decoys’ mission to bring the unforgettable energy of the Beastie Boys to UK crowds for a full live experience.

Fight For Your Right.. for a decent Hip Hop club party in Manchester. 

The action kicks off at 11pm


The Deaf Institute 135 Grosvenor St
Manchester M1 7HE