David Bowie’s Birthday Party
10th January 2020 - 11:00 pm
The Deaf Institute

We miss David A LOT.

So we thought we’d pay tribute to the ultimate legend by celebrating his birthday in the only way we know how.

Throw a massive party and play as many of his songs as we possibly can.

Post your favourite songs on the wall and we’ll do our best to play them!

Alongside LOADS of David Bowie we’ll be playing:
Prince // Fleetwood Mac // T.Rex // Queen // The Rolling Stones // The Smiths // Blondie // Bob Dylan // Kate Bush // Elton John // New Order // Duran Duran // The Kinks // The Clash + Loads more


Let’s Dance X



The Deaf Institute 135 Grosvenor St
Manchester M1 7HE