Bollox Halloween Mince
30th October 2021 - 11:00 pm
The Deaf Institute

Get the willies put up you at the outlandish Bollox Halloween Mince sprawled across all three floors of Manchester’s Death Institute featuring Dj’s, pop up drag shows, dance troupes, artists, gross decor and makeover stations. 



What She Said

Beardre Barlow

Free Britney Witch

Deany Sevigny

Zoe McVeigh

DJ Single Lady

Rudy Mead

Joanna Cuddles

This Is Not A Sex Shop takeaway art

DRESS UP and get proper minced at the sickest queer party in town.

Music across three floors = anything goes 

Miss out and subject yourself to a terrifying night at G.A.Y. on Canal Street at your own peril.


The Deaf Institute 135 Grosvenor St
Manchester M1 7HE