7PM - 10.15PM: £15 (16+)

Dirty Dike - 'Acrylic Snail' Tour Show

Proclaimed as one of the filthiest rapper in the game, Dirty Dike has been a full time rap merchant since the days when you could buy a ten deck of B&H for £1.32. While there’s a tongue in cheek element behind all that Dike has something to do with, you get the impression, from his debut solo album (Bogies and Alcohol), many features and his contributions to Contact Play, that it’s all true. Chatting about raving, graffiti, beans and mischief with a brutal honesty and a healthy dose of humour.

Dike does not and never has tried to project an image that is any different than the truth, instead he’s very much ‘what you see is what you get’ which spurs on his unapologetic nature and love of offence. It is his tendency for realism that gives his music a lot of heart and a charisma that is quite hard to snub.

Acrylic snail, his first full length offering since 2015’s ‘Sucking on Prawns in the Moonlight’, offers exactly what we’ve come to expect from the High Focus rapper, a brash, brazen barrage of lyrical debauchery seesawing between giddy, narcissistic highs and self-deprecating lows. Ever the enigmatic lyricist the one thing you can be certain that Dike will bring to the table is wordplay galore, his intricate delivery tying together the disparate elements that his battered brain produces. The subject matter here is typically outlandish, whether he’s tearing through a dystopian city or relaxing at home with a drink in one hand and a horse heart in the other, it’s rarely your typical Sunday afternoon.

He'll be playing live Wednesday 3rd April on his UK album tour.