Thursdays we like to promote local female DJ’s and we also would like to get to know the powerful women who are behind the decks 

This week we have DJ Boggz joining us and would love to get to know all things music with them 


Summed up in a sentence what will we expect from your DJ set here at deaf?

Expect post-punk of the funk and electronic fashion from the 70s to now.


What was the first ever Tape/CD/vinyl you bought? the more cringe the better!

The first CD I bought myself was Pendulum – Hold your Colour.


Who’s your most influential woman in the music industry and why? 

Debbie Harry. My dad had a poster of her up in his barbershop – the one where she’s on the toilet smoking a fag with a guitar. I used to look at it when I was a kid and think that’s cool.


What was the first gig you came to see here at the Deaf Institute? 

I can’t remember my very first Deaf Institute gig but vividly recall frequenting the Revolver club night.


Do you recommend any new Bands and/or DJ’s to see live and why? 

I recommend Fontaines D.C. I ended up watching them three times in two days a few weeks ago. Once wasn’t enough.


What are your top tracks to DJ?

Black Box – Ride on Time


Do you have anything music related coming up next for us to watch out for? (this is your chance to plug yourself! haha)

I’m doing a gig with my band at Night People this Saturday with Afghan Sand Gang and Document. We are Loose Articles.


Thank you DJ Boggz ! We cant wait to here your set here in the main bar!

DJ Boggz will be DJing here on the 9th May 2019 6pm-11pm, it’s free in and you can book a table with us here