3 days to go! and here’s our final little preview for you to check out  on Saturday…

Strawberry Guy has racked up millions of streams from his demos on YouTube, his gloopy, synth-addled vision of psychedelic pop seemed both hopelessly surreal and intimately personal. ‘Pink Wafer’ said Strawberry Guy is riding the millennial chill-wave, creating blissed-out lo-fi pop with plenty of 80s nostalgia. His output is abundant with warm detuned synths, spacious beats and delicate vocals. Each of his tunes is tinged with a sense of longing and sweet melancholia. Wistful vocals drift over a gently pulsing haze of synths in ‘Without You’ while ‘What Would I Do’ has echoes of dream pop masters Beach House. A must-listen for secret romantics who like to indulge in quiet introspection.

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Words by – Macauley Remmer