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Friday 22nd March

Kid Congo + The Pink Monkey Birds

Tim, Chad & Sherry
Fruit Tones

£10.00 Advance
7pm - 10.30pm ::: Music Hall

Kid Congo Powersis a wild man; second generation Mexican American, street tough, 1976 president of The Ramones fanclub, travelled the world, formed The Creeping Ritual, which became The Gun Club, before joining The Cramps and then Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and The Fall and countless other outsider bands of misfits. Kid Congo manages to marry raucous soul, psychedelic weirdness and nasty garage.Listen here.

Support comes from Silver Jews and Lambchop members who got together and formed Tim, Chad & Sherry and make PSYCH DANCE. They say "If Steely Dan, The Flaming Lips and R Kelly had a love child, you'd have Tim Chad and Sherry." That works for us!