Celebrating 10 Years of the best Live Music, Parties & Drinking with 10 spectacular events

After 10 years of serving as a spring board for the best new acts, whilst bringing the most outrageously fun new parties & club nights, this year we thought we would let our hair down and celebrate a summer listings of sweet, sweet parties symbolising 10 years of our existence! We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers that have come through our doors and spent their hard-earned cash on tickets, food and drink! Boy! We’ve seen some sights!

For our 10TH we bring 10 events kicking off with “FLIPPIN’ SWEET NAPOLEON DYNAMITE PARTY” celebrating our favourite bespectacled high school kid, Napoleon Dynamite (Heck Yes). Fancy dress a must!!

Carrying on with our TV / Film themed events we have “ALAN PARTRIDGE P- AHA – TY” where this time we will transform Deaf into a ruddy lovely party palace dedicated to the finest DJ/Broadcaster/Author/national icon that Norwich has ever known, Mr Alan Partridge!

The jewel in the crown of our club events here at Deaf Institute’s summer shindig we bring “DERRICK DOES DEAF” DJ-ing since the age of 9 and a music aficionados dream, Derrick Carter will play an extended set all the way to 4am in our world-renowned music hall. Keep an eye for extra special guests!

For the past two years, we have been at the forefront of the non-dairy revolution in Manchester serving the cities best meat-free and dairy-free food. Starting with our first full Vegan menu on the Vegan Hangover every Sunday in 2016 our awesome Vegan offering no encompasses over 60% of our regular day to day menu. We couldn’t be prouder! DEAF INSTITUTE’S VEGAN MARKET is a special market inviting independent vegan food, lifestyle and vegan product traders to the party! Swing on by on Sunday 19th Aug

GYPSIES OF BOHEMIA (EVENING AND MATINEE SHOW) have been on the circuit for many years with Matthew Whittaker the forefront of their musical genius. GOB pride themselves on having written at least half of their complete catalogue of original cover versions! Something of a paradox? Well that sums these guys up. They can turn the most sophisticated of settings into an all-out guitar style rave with their inventive and superbly crafted renditions of contemporary and popular songs from the modern era! Boom!

The stars aligned for our next party! “15 YEARS OF EL DIABLO’S SOCIAL CLUB” - if you thought we were old well El Diablos Social Club is even older. They threw one of our early club nights here at Deaf Institute even before we knew what a Flat White was (it’s a small Latte) now look at us. Swimming in them.

PHOTO AND ART EXHIBITION Launch on Thursday 23rd Aug. Since the birth of Instagram, the online documentation of events we have organised has almost brought the gig to you, in the comfort of your own home. But we kinda don’t really want that to happen because then we wouldn’t be able to make any money and we would all be out of a job. So, come and look at photos, amazing poster art and our favourite fan shots from the last 10 years at Deaf Institute.

We are lucky enough to have a rich musical history here in Manchester and we have been proud to have played host to many of them over the years! “LIAM FROST & THE LATCHKEY KIDS” are good friends of ours and should probably be playing at Gorilla in a bigger venue because they can sell way more tickets, but we convinced them to play a special show at Deaf for our 10th, for old times’ sake.

STAY FRESH FEST is our two-floor band party showcasing the very best bands from the North West and beyond! This year will be the best line up yet! We convinced exciting sponsors to come on board helping promote the show so it makes them look cool and everything! Exciting times!