Manchester’s been the home of creative art since time began. A hub of productivity and creativity and the channel of spirit and vibe. We’re lucky enough to be home to some of the best up and coming artists in the country and we appreciate that in these austere times it can be difficult to afford to get involved with your local art scene. The best often goes under the radar. Here at OverDrawn, we’re commited to bringing the best the community has to offer and giving you the chance to see some of these masterpieces coming together before your eyes… All for free. You don’t have to be overdrawn to come to OverDrawn, but it helps.

On July 28th, 4 of Manchester’s best local artists join together under the lights in the Main Bar between 7 and 12 and each complete a piece in front of an audience. In the spirit of all things artistic, we will be providing sketchbooks and pens on every table and encourage you to draw anything you want during the evening. Draw yourself, draw your cocktail, draw your friends, draw your curtains, it’s entirely up to you. 

/////OPEN PENCIL/////

Throughout the evening we’ll also be running an open pencil for all guests. Simply sign up at the front and get your 30 minute (demand depending) slot to draw on a large A1 collaboration piece. The idea of this is for someone to start with a concept and with each new artist and style, the piece will grow and develop into something beautiful. Come and be a part of it. 

All artwork produced on the night will be auctioned off in a silent auction at the end of the night. Tunes by Reverend Austin Sherman on the decks and Manchester’s own treasure, Dean Mac will be on hand to keep time and pace.