Now in its 15th year The World Famous Pub Quiz is a Manchester staple having moved around the cooler bars of the city as well as permanent residencies in London (Social, Lauriston, Lodge) and travelled the world taking in New Zealand Australia Chicago New York Sweden France and Wigan.

Past quizzes have seen running races up and down Oldham Street, women's arm wrestling, stare outs, Bez dance-offs and gargling Take That songs with 30-year-old whiskey.

Elliot Eastwick has quizzed backstage at Glastonbury for Coldplay and the Gallagher brothers, and live on Channel 4 with Vernon Kaye. For VH1, MTV, Radio One, Topman, Virgin and for various drinks/fashion/music launches.

If you've never experienced it before, go with an open mind. In Mr Eastwick's own words, 'It's basically a night of being insulted by a bald Manc and getting drunk, questions about anything and everything. I once conviced someone they had won a boat, I got thrown out of my own quiz once, and cleared the room with a badly timed joke' 

Prizes have included;

Your own weight in potatoes

A paddling pool

A sheeps head

1 million Ugandan dollars

various pound shop tat

Described by Time Out as a combination of stand up comedy, questions, facts, and practical jokes - The World Famous Pub Quiz continues to entertain, offend, and delight in equal measures.

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Elliot Eastwick's World Famous Pub Quiz 

Every Thursday @ The Deaf Institute

Launching on Thursday 24th September

8.30pm // £1 entry