7:30PM - 11PM : £7 ADV (14+)

We are delighted to welcome Tender to Deaf Institute for their first ever headline tour! The London based 'dark grooves' duo are heading to Manchester Tuesday 19th August off the back of festival appearances at Lovebox and Lattitute this summer.

Cullen and Cobb formed TENDER in 2015, as the bedroom project of two flatmates tired of the design-by-committee nature of larger musical groups. Due to their intimate personal geography, Cobb was privy to the ’ toxic’ relationship that gestated Cullen’ s lyrics, and this record. Gladly enough, in regards to music-making with Cobb, “Nothing seemed like a struggle. We never fought anything,” Cullen remembers.

TENDER’ s ‘ Modern Addiction' provides fresh perspective to the idea of addiction, through the lens of love. It is unafraid to admit or to accuse, eager to confide and to provide, in direct, shimmering confessionals. The irony is that Cullen seems to have not been afforded these luxuries in his personal relationship, and observing his self-portrait leaves the listener feeling similarly ephemeral and isolated. All save for that of his musical relationship with Cobb, who's dynamic and punctual dark-pop flavor echoes his bandmate's struggle with audible landscapes appropriately smooth in their tones and jagged in their turns. ‘ Modern Addiction’ is a window to overdose, intervention, relapse, and sobriety. For the listener, it's the experience of being on both sides of the glass.

Their new single 'Nadir' is sublime, it is a hint of great things to come for this band, you would be very daft to miss this gig.